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Fuerteventura Lawyer / Solicitor



The Law Office (Gonzalez Martinez & Asociados) offer to the foreing investor a personal and confidential legal advising about real estate investements in Fuerteventura Island. 

We cover and can handle any demand on this sense from to apply for residence number(NIE) for foreigners, opening of bank accounts, property conveyancing and legal advise in every matter. 

We assist not only the small investor seeking a holidays home but also bigger investments seeking for several properties purchases.

We will be glad to attend you previous appointment and to have a 1st interview free of charge to study and know which are your and know which are your exact needs & requirements 

Real Estate Conveyancing and more..Our Firm: 

It's a solicitors and law firm which is highly specialized into Real Estate Conveyancing, Urbanistic Laws, and Property Administration apart of all other areas that as exercising lawyers we can cover for you upon demand and study of each case needs.

Regarding Real Estate business, we can provide you full assistance and help in the purchase procedure of your Fuerteventura property for a reasonable fee while providing you specialized and professional help and assistance on any matter related to your property purchase procedure 

in Fuerteventura or well because your living in Fuerteventura which will make you entitled to fulfill several obligations in order to comply with the Spanish laws and authorities, as for example the wealth tax for non-residents. 

In this sense, re:Real Estate matters, we are offering you, among others, the following types of services: 

-Real Estate Consultancy: Prior your purchase as to investigate the property of your interest and if being a legitimated owner and a clean property to be sold.

-Property Conveyance: We will assist you in every step related to your purchase including its closing at the notary and Land Registry. 

-Your Canary Islands appointed lawyer: After your purchase, to be in charge for any related paperwork and legal obligations you have to fulfill thereafter your purchase as you will need to appoint a fiscal representative regarding the applicable wealth taxation for non-residents, and for any other legal matter or help you will need from us when dealing with the Spanish laws and authorities as the Public Administration. 

Regarding the real estate conveyancing procedure:We are specialized on the property and urbanistic laws.The island applicable urbanistic law is called PIOFT which is the technical law applicable to all buildings, constructions and land in the Fuerteventura Island regulating wheter is allowed to build, where not, which land is legally entitled to build on it, where can be build and developed a resort, a Hotel, etc. 

We are already the 5th generation living in Fuerteventura Island; so we do know our island and all legal matters and paperwork which you may need to solve and apply for it because to be living here and/or by buying a property in this island, do not look further if you are seeking for a professional really knowing not only the applicable laws and rules but also having a solid background and knowledge of the Fuerteventura island. 

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